State of Mind

A collection of work focusing on mental health issues and personal stories from people in my community, whilst living in Essex and working in London.  The words, phrases and the pictures illustrated refer to aspects of recovery from mental health difficulties, including drug and alcohol addiction.  The work was exhibited at Oxford House and some are now on permanent display at Queens Hospital, Romford, Essex, UK.  Prints are available to buy, please contact me for more details about these or any of the works in my other collections.

Press release from Oxford House, London. 2011:

Andrea Grottick addresses a perceived hopelessness associated with addiction and mental health issues. Inspired by personal experiences and research, she presents an ambiguity through texturing, layering and manipulation of images to promote a widened interpretation for the viewer. Resulting images resonate with the viewer positivity and change. 

Andrea is a freelance Essex based artist born in 1975. She studied Fine Art at Havering College in Hornchurch and has worked as an artist in residence at The Foyer in Brentwood. She centralises on autobiographical content and displays a particular interest in the multiplicity of the human psyche.

She has spent time assisting in a scheme with ‘Open Arts’ where art workshops encourage ideas of change and develop positive outlooks. This particular research has determined her collection entitled “State of Mind.”